The Power of Two

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How to Build a Lasting Marriage:

Trust God to lead you well into an unknown future. 


You and your husband or wife can’t possibly know what future circumstances you all will encounter during your lives together – but God knows. No matter what happens to you all in the future – good or bad – place your trust fully in God to guide you through it well. Every day, ask the Holy Spirit to give you wisdom, so you’ll both know how best to deal with each situation you encounter.

Surround yourselves with a strong support network.


Develop close relationships with friends and family who also trust God, and support each other in ways that strengthen each other’s marriages: prayer, encouragement, accountability, and practical help when needed. Participate in a healthy local church together and build close relationships there, as well.

Keep communication lines open at all times.


Make sure that you and your spouse are communicating honestly and openly about the decisions that each of you face on a regular basis. Don’t surprise your spouse by deciding something that affects both of you without first discussing it together. Check in with each other for regular conversations to stay in sync with each other.

Respond with love and respect when you disagree. 


Whenever you and your spouse disagree about something – which will happen sometimes, since you’re different people with different points of view – focus on understanding each other’s perspectives rather than trying to figure out who’s right and who’s wrong. Listen to each other carefully and value each other’s opinions. Try to reach a mutual agreement. But if, after discussing the issue lovingly and respectfully, you all can’t agree on it, the husband should make the final decision according to what he thinks is best, keeping in mind that he should love his wife sacrificially, take her perspective seriously, and strive to meet her needs in the decision process.

Keep dating each other. 


Make time in your schedules regularly to go on dates together so you can enjoy fun and relaxing time as just the two of you. Keep in mind that your dates don’t have to be complicated or expensive. Your marriage can benefit from dates as simple as evening walks around your neighborhood or lunches out while your kids are in school or on play dates.

Pray together regularly. 


Establish and maintain a habit of praying with your spouse for wisdom, direction, and strength in your marriage – and to communicate with God about specific concerns that each of you have. Try to pray face-to-face whenever possible, but when it’s not, pray over the phone together. 

Prayer for Marriages in Crisis

In the midst of a marriage crisis, there is a very real temptation to focus on what is wrong, why it is wrong, and whose fault it is. This earthly focus can result in a hopeless state of mind. This hopelessness and discouragement makes us vulnerable to the enemy’s schemes to divide us.

Throughout the Bible, God offers us hope. He shows us over and over again that nothing is impossible when He is involved. He promises that we will experience peace when we keep our eyes on Him (Isaiah 26:3). Jesus literally spoke the words “Peace! Be still!” to a storm, saving the disciples’ lives while perfecting their faith in Him (Mark 4:39).

Our task is to believe, to ask, and to resist doubting (Mark 11:23).

Dear God,

I come to You today and pray for marriages that are facing any kind of crisis. You know everyone’s situation well, so I ask that You intercede on behalf of husbands and wives. May You fill their hearts with courage, comfort, understanding and love. Please shed light on the different circumstances and remind everyone of the hope they have in You. I pray for protection against the schemes of the enemy. Send angels to guard our hearts and minds.


I pray for reconciliation, I pray for healing, I pray for stability, I pray for transformation, I pray for anointing, I pray for joy, I pray for encouragement, I pray for accountability, I pray for more strength and more faith in Jesus’ name Amen!

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