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About The McFarland

From the unconditional love of God, support of great mentors and having a heart to please God, the two of them have overcome great obstacles that the average couple would have not made it through. They have purposed to help couples in ministry and business deal with real life issues that most Christian leaders face even with their children. 


We believe there is a reason why God pulled Eve out of Adam and the two became one! Often times, people look at the negative of what happened in the garden and miss the effect they both had on the World! By providing couples and leaders with Godly direction, they have counseled and mended many broken homes back to God’s original plan and intent for the marriage covenant.


We believe that through this ministry, whether the web site or annual conferences, God will deposit real answers and solutions to sustain, build or restore couples’ marriages from the hurt and pain of the past and present.


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Mailing Address

P.O. BOX 6249 .

Altadena, Ca. 91001 

Tel: 626-797-6056 


Marriage is a divine institution ordained by God.

It is two free moral agents of the opposite sex entering into a covenant relationship, making an unconditional lifetime commitment to God and one another. For an individual to live with another flawed person that is hopefully willing to submit their will, beliefs and standards to God’s plan for the marriage relationship. 


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